The Evergreen Workshop Builders and Restorers of Timber Garden Buildings Specialists in Greenhouse Repair and restoration.
The Evergreen Workshop    Builders and Restorers of Timber Garden Buildings Specialists in Greenhouse Repair and restoration.

We delight in creating and restoring these buildings and here are a few of our clients reactions.

I can't believe you managed to get all that detail out from such a tiny image. Thank you so much for the work and for the professional way you took on the project. The garden is once agin complete.

A M  Northchapel


It is the perfect place to sit out and enjoy the wildlife. The pond has attracted a whole range of creatures and we particularily love seeing the dragon flies. Thank you so much.

I & E Midhurst


To take our 50 year old greenhouse away and return it like new is unbelievable. Our neighbour who used to own it is speechless.

H C Norfolk


'WOW' i came back from my business trip and was amazed at the new Vinery. Thank you we can't wait to see the grape vine develop now.

R L Wimbledon

You say on the website that my old greenhouse will look like new and that is EXACTLY what you delivered. I am so glad I didn't opt for a new one not least because of the money you saved me.

D L Iffold


I Absolutely love my little greenhouse, It is the stand out feature when i have an open garden and attracts crowds everytime. Thankyou.

C L Petworth


So many people and experts had said it was beyond repair that i had almost given up. I was so glad i found you, it looks stunning and the Cedar smell is intoxicating.

S C Tenterden


Superb work with no mess and no issues. The solar lighting is a revelation. 

A D Liphook

I am so glad we chose you, you delivered exactly what I wanted and did not compromise even on the smallest of details. All we have to do is fill it back up now.

M W Grayshott


I know it says on the website it will be as new but you do wonder. However here it is back and it looks better than when we purchased it. The modifications to the glazing make it so much more useable. Thank you.

G & L  Marlborough


It is the cutest building i have ever seen, even though the childfren have grown up it is still a major feature in the garden

I G Liphook


Even though they said i didn't need a greenhouse i was determined to have one back. You managed to fit one into the tiniest of spaces and i cannot wait to get the seed going.

Mr H Chiddingfold


The greenhouse looks so posh and really sit well in the surrounding area. Thankyou for the professionalism especially with such trying weather.

H F Haslemere

It is perfect. you managed to complete all the work with the spa insitu and working without any damage at all. Now i can enjoy the spa all year round.

M H Petworth


It looks new..... we did think it was to far gone and had looked at a new one but now it is perfect again and for half the cost.

AM R Tunbridge wells

The perfect little blue potting shed, it sits in the garden scheme so well and is exactly what we wanted, thankyou.

M B Cranleigh

Sorry i was away when you refitted the greenhouse but wow what a site to come back to. It looks amazing and you were so careful to protect the garpe vine.

L P Reigate

It is exactly as the drawing we gave you and looks stunning. Thank you so much

S C Shillinglee

Thank you for restoring my Alton Greenhouse, when it came apart from the base we thought that was it but thankfully we found you.


I Thought it a bold claim when you said it would come back as good as new, especially as a tree had gone through it. However you are of your word. Thankyou.

E W Steadham

My perfect workshop and delivered in just 10 days even in winter. Great job 

S G Liphook


I have never owned a timber greenhouse and when we purchased the house I wondered if it was possible to save this one. It looks amazing now and i can't wait to get growing. Thank you.

E J Haslemere


The builders doing the extension said it was beyond repair but you have transformed it back to it's original condition. Showed them.

R H Grayshott

For the first time since we moved in the greenhouse is restored back to its original condition. We had a severe storm last night and not a single piece of glass moved. Thank you so much.

M W Grayshott

It had stood abonded for decades but now look at it, it's amazing what you have done.

L & H Petersfield


When my husband rang to say it is back and looks stunning, I was amazed in all the yrears i have known him he has never got so emotional. Thankyou.

Mrs N Elsted

The pool house is perfect, the access to the equiupemt is ideal and the extra storage you have created is appreciated thank you.

P W Haslemere

Wonderful work that was delivered on time and on budget. Thank you

N H Haslemere

Great work on restoring the summerhouse. We had tried to repair it without success but you took it down, completed the repairs and put it back up and painted in just two days

M W Grayshott

I Love my greenhouse, it looks so much bigger inside. Can't wait to get all the plants in and growing. Thankyou.

M. R Effingham


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