Custom made garden buildings
Custom made garden buildings
The Evergreen Workshop Builders and Restorers of Garden Buildings Specialists in Greenhouse Repair and restoration.
The Evergreen Workshop    Builders and Restorers of Garden Buildings Specialists in Greenhouse Repair and restoration.

Delightful Garden Buildings, Custom made. Whether it be a shed, greenhouse, summerhouse or just about any other garden structure we can build and install it.

 At the bottom of this of this page we have included images and the clients reactions to builds to show just what can be achieved. 



Good garden buildings start with good design, followed by quality construction, good material selection and timber treatment before final installation .  It is this mantra that 'The Evergreen Workshop' always follows.

For us in 'The Evergreen Workshop' this is only way, build with good design and quality materials. When we create a building we want it to be functional stylish, secure and last for many many years. Importantly there are lots of way that we can achieve this, starting with.....

Design and Consultation.

To get the best possible from your new building we take time to visit site, consult and discuss with you on your requirements. Perhaps look at the alternatives.

Garden buildings are often integrated into existing garden schemes so getting to know you and your likes and dislikes is key. 

From this we produce plans and drawings to give an idea of what we can achieved. Only when you are happy to we start the build.

This is provided with no obligations on your parts, we are not sales people and there will be no hard sell, if for any reason you change your mind, we will understand.

The Build....

Actual build time varies with each building but is typically one to two weeks. At every stage pf the process quality is never compromised. 

All material is hand picked with timber selected and collected in person. This prevents wood that has defects being incorporated into the project. all timber is treated with deep penetrating wood preservers to provide long term protection from both bacterial and insect damage.




We build every element from scratch, this includes doors, windows frames etc. nothing is brought in pre-made. This gives us the ultimate control over quality and means the design never has to be compromised to suit commercially available elements. 

A fully equipped workshop and seperate assembly building ensures that all elements can be manufactured. Of course we will keep you fully informed throughout the build.


The finish applied is vital to ensuring the long life of the new build. Our process involves three key stages and starts as soon as the building components are machined. Even when we use elements internally which are not pressure treated we always treat all timber throughout the build with three coats of a transparent deep penetrating wood preserver This not only protects against fungal and bacterial attack but also from insect damage such as woodworm. Addistionally all timber in contact with the ground or buildings are impregnated with a Boron treatment that gives long term protection against wet rot and insect damage.

Finally to the clients choice the whole building is recoated in the deep penetrating wood preserver  for some not looking for a coloured finish his may be in a suitable wood tone such as Oak or Cedar finish. We always offer coloured finishes as part of the build. Our preference is the Cuprinol Garden Shades Range. which we have used for years both personally and professionally. This wonder product offers the same life expectancy of the best paint finishes such as 'Farrow and Ball external paint' but with the advantage that it can be overpainted WITHOUT the need to rub the surface down first. This is particularily important when considering a greenhouse or shed with its mass of surface areas and intricate shapes. 


We are happy to provide actual samples of the finsih which is great when considering two tone paint schemes. Importantly all buildings get at least two coats of this to finish.


When it comes to the day of iinstallation, we aim to cause the minimum of inconvenience. The work will be carried out quickly and neatly. Any foundations required may have to be done in adance but this can be aranged nearer the time. 


Timber buildings are organic structures with most timber now stored in warehouse to preent theft the first time timber is exposed to the elements some movement will occur.  For the most part this is of know consequence but for doors and windows this can prove a problem, especially with a building made in the hotter summer months encountering its first winter. We are always on hand to come back at no cost to remedy any issues that may occur this is normally only required once and on completion the building should go on to give years of trouble free use.


We always aim to give the best possible service and create the best possible buildings, we use best practise and are happy to discuss any part of the design and build. If you have any plans then why not give us a call and discuss them with us....after all it's without any obligation.

Here are a few of our builds.....and what the client thought.



This beautiful Gothic greenhouse was constructed for a lady in Petworth. The two tone paint work aimed to complement the details of the building. The work also included benches and siting in the garden. It has gone on to be featured in many magazines and regularly draws crowds at open garden days.

The clients reaction...

I just love my little greenhouse, we have open gardens and it always draws a crowd. I couldn't believe it when it was featured in 'Pure WOW' magazine.



Asked to create a stylish greenhouse and potting shed on a large country house we created this building. Complete with a generous 10 ft long by 8 ft greenhouse and adjoing 8ft by 4 ft potting shed the whole building featured many design elements to elevate it up from just a garden greenhouse.

The Clients reaction:

It sits in the site perfectly and looks so posh, now my fun begins adding vegetable plots and planting.



Just because space is limited, it doesn't mean you can't have a stylish building. Here the garden was little more than a drive wasy and forecourt. A| small space presented that allowed us to build a greenhouse / potting shed with a foot print of no more than 5 ft wide and 7 ft deep. The client uses the space for garden tools and plants in the summer plus for overwintering pots when the weather turns cold.

The clients reaction:

It fits the space perfectly, any bigger would be too big and any smaller just wouldn't work just perfect.

The Client a very active elderly  gentleman unfortunately had to lose his greenhouse to allow for a new OIL tank to be installed.

He approached us and asked if it was possible to build one free standing in the only available space next to his house. The site was just 8 ft wide and 48 inches deep and couldn't because of planning constraints be attached to the building.


We were happy to oblige and give him back the pleasuer of raising plants and salad crops in his retirement.

And the clients reaction:

It was such a shame to loose my greenhouse and with limited space this new one fits perfectly and is just the right size for me to potter around in. The bench that lifts up to reveal a raised planting bed is ideal.

All we had to start on was a print of a very early painting showing a garden designed in the 1920s Although much of the garden remained one element missing since the great storm was the garden Arbour in the 'winter garden'

From an image not more than 1inch wide by 3/4 inch high we faithfully recreated the arbour and reinstated it in the garden.

The Clients Reaction:

The building was a missing part in our garden and it is quite amazing that you can recreate it from such a tiny image. 



This playhouse was created to give two excited children an all weather space in a beautifully manicred garden.

The building was made in sections and can be easily taken down and moved. Unique is the fact that although the door is only 48 inches tall and not easy for an adult to enter, twisting a catch allows the whole front to open.

The Clients reaction:

It is beautiful, it sits in the garden so well that despite being built as a playhouse it will have a permanent home here, a place to keep fond memories.



Having a hot tubs in a garden is perhaps the ultimate in luxurious relaxation. Unfortunately our weather doesn't always encourage outdoor living. We build this gazebo with a fully glazed atrium roof that allows the client to relax even if it does decide to rain. 

Complete with a non slip deck and shingle roof at night the atrium roof allows you to relax looking up at the stars.

The Clients Reaction:

It is perfect, the spa pool is as much therapy as luxury for my back injury and so to be able to use it all year round is amazing. The atrium roof on a star studded night is beautiful.



The Little Blue Potting Shed.

Made for a lovely couple who were looking for a custom sized shed that fitted into their wonderful garden.

The garden is often open to visitors where the unique mix of roses and colurful structures has a charm all of its own.


(The water butt at the time was undergoing work by the client)


Thank you to the client for the image.

The clients reaction:

Thank you both it's beautiful, perfect colour match for the other items amd i love the shingle roof.



We also build workshops and sheds.

We have built all sorts of custom workshops and sheds to suit individual requirements. Some require extra headroom, for others it is security concerns and others just a style to suit them. Whatever the requirement we can  make and install including all groundworks the building that suits your requirements and to a far higher standard than most of the sheds currently retailed.


'if you go down to the woods today...'

Hidden deep in the wooded grounds there was a requirement for a working building that would accomodate covered storage for logs, several tractor mowers and all the associated tools for a woodsman. The client was keen to use the space for his chainsaw carving hobby using timber local sourced in the grounds.. Built such that it would leave no permanent impression on the landscape, This meant that although it was required to carry quite a load we couldn't use a concrete base. Instead we set in pads and dense concrete blocks before building a fully framed floor. It also had to be secure because of its remote location, so all walls are double skin with a vapour barrier in between. If the cladding is removed then you are confronted with 18mm OSB3 board.

Also include was a solar powered lighting system that mean't there ws no need to run power cables to it. With a large battery back up that can last 6 hours when fully charged it features 4 LED lightbulbs that provided enough light to work in the space and it will even charge a mobile phone up.

The clients reaction :

I could live in that, 6 days from nothing and it is all done with no mess, absolutely brilliant service.

Two years later we bumped into the client who rushed over to say that it was as solid as a rock. nothing had moved or gone out of alignment and the solar lighting pack was amazing.


One of the largest building we have made on a challenging sloped site. The right hand enclosed building is a fully lined workshop. The three open sections to the left are storage for logs, capable of holding over 8 tonnes of wood.

Built to replace three crumbling shed and invoving laying 5 tonnes of concrete all mixed on site

The ground dropped some 5 feet over its length.

The wall had numerous large cracks that had to be dealt with plus taking down a very old crumbling chimney. The building was designed and built for the client to develop his woodworking interests upon his retirement. It featured fully lined walls that were wrapped entirlely with a vapour barrier to protect the tools within. The inner face was also lined for sheleving and tool hanging. Painted inside and with a painted floor, toughened glass windows and wasy access through double doors on the side and a single door at the end.




As part of the project we were also asked to supply a range of woodworking tools and fit them. These included bandsaws, table saws, planers, dust extractors and sanders to name but a few. We made a new woodworking bench custom sized for the client who stood over 6 feet tall and fitted cabinets and shelves throughout. 

The Clients reaction:

We asked other to quote but none of the others wanted to deliver what we wanted. Your careful and methodical approach to the building was reassuring even when presented with a serious problem. We now have a lovely workshop and  huge log storage space. 

Other builds we have undertaken.

With pine trees all around the client was loking for a very sturdy but low cost cover to protect his prized Bentley car which he used daily. This simple double carport included laying a shingle parking area using a eco-grid system to hold the shingle in place.

at 6.0M x 5.5M the rainwater is collected at the rear and brought down to ground level by downpipes hidden behing the posts.



When your summerhouse is a unique lead covered building then not just any old barbeque cover will do. 

This free standing structure all made from hardwood and including boarded roof covered in lead sheet was the solution.

The trellis sections were produced by interlocking the timber with hundreds of hand cut halving joints. 



The client had gone to a lot of trouble to get drawing produced of her perfect greenhouse / potting shed. From these we were able to build to her exact requirements.

the greenhouse was built to accommodate some tall garden plants over winter with full height double doors. The potings shed with colour matched door and matching cast iron furniture also features a cedar shingle roof.


In the middle of a hot summer who wouldn't wish for a swimming pool in the garden.


The client asked us to create a simple pool house with space for changing and seperated off from the essential plant required for the pool. This was to replace a very old rotten summerhouse that had been used for the purpose.


The building had to fit on a small platform just 10 ft wide and 8 feet deep as the garden sloped away very steeply. Itr included vapour barriers and a floor in the changing room area. Plus cupboard space for those pool essentials. The front actually has three doors, two enter the changing rooms and a third is a small storage space for patio chairs etc. The roof was shingled and the canopy features three low energy down lights that allow the area to be lit up in th evening.


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