Custom made garden buildings
Custom made garden buildings
The Evergreen Workshop Builders and Restorers of Garden Buildings Specialists in Greenhouse Repair and restoration.
The Evergreen Workshop    Builders and Restorers of Garden Buildings Specialists in Greenhouse Repair and restoration.

We also make summerhouses and playhouses



Another feature of the work we do is creating garden rooms and summerhouses tailored to a specific need.

Sometimes it is a seating area or perhaps a hobby room but we also have made garden offices and playhouses.



The variety of structures requested is simply staggering and in each case we aim to design and build the perfect structure. Always the consultation and design element is without obligation and we are always happy to come out and view the site.

Sometimes it is commercially available structure that has failed because of poor design or material choice and needs a complete rebuild correcting the errors. as in this case of an HSp summerhouse costing £10000 that rotted away after 5 years. The company had gone into recievership and so the client who had built his garden around this central feature asked us to recreate it only this time to last. 



We can create all manner of designs and styles and produce drawings showing options that can be incorporated.

Remember all this is free of charge and without obligation. If you decide not to use us we will 'bow out gracefully.'




Some client ask us not to publish pictures of their finsihed buildings which of course we respect. but here are a few that have allowed us to do so.

Just a few of the buildings we have created.

For a guide to pricing, more information is available on our Other repairs and pricing page, click here.

Perhaps the smallest building we have made. It was created as a playhouse for two children and is uniquely octagonal. The doors and windows are scled down and fitted with iron hinges and handles. The roof is coated to give the apperance of lead but actually is completely non toxic.

The most unique feature is that although the door is only 900mm high the panel that it is fitted into is also hinged to allow parents inside.

This summerhouse actually started life as an old shed that was left behind after a house move. The clients who were having substantial renovation work undertaken on the house were not keen to look out to the South Downs and see an old brown shed so asked us to convert it.

The work involved dividing the building up so give a small tool storage area on the right then extensively modifying the building to create a seating area. The roof was shingled in asphalt shingles to mimic the slates on the main house. The building is fully lined and insulated.

As part of the work we removed an old greenhouse and then constructed the deck area and also the pond and waterfall which is powred by a solar pump. 

The client was looking for a summerhouse style building that could be used as a garden office and recreation space. The criteria was very clear it had to fit in a space under a cherry and damson tree slightly off to the side of the main garden area. It had to light and airy but pick up on cues from the main house. 

Being close to the boundary we were limited to a maximum hieght of 2.5M of course but still managed a generous open apsce some 4.5 wide by 3.2M deep. 

Fully insulated and lined the building was set on a solid concrete foundation which used nearly 7.0 Tonnes of concrete. It has a floating timber floor and vapour barriers installed throughout. The asphault shingles on the roof simulate the Slates used on the main house. Painted both inside and out and incorporating electical sockets and lights plus a conduit buried underground for any future electrical services or computer cables. 


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A lot of our work involves time on site. Although every effort is made to answer telephone calls, or respond to answer phone messages and you can always contact us by  leaving an email or use the contact form. 

We are always happy to give advise on any subject relating to your garden building projects.

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