The Evergreen Workshop Builders and Restorers of Timber Garden Buildings Specialists in Greenhouse Repair and restoration.
The Evergreen Workshop    Builders and Restorers of Timber Garden Buildings Specialists in Greenhouse Repair and restoration.

We also make Gazebos and Arbours, poolhouses and even Carports



For some the requests are very specific indeed. A pool house for  a home swimming pool in summer is a perefcct addition. Or perhaps you have a spa pool and are looking to extend it's use through the year. 



Whether it is a simple Arbour or a complex gazebo we are always happy to offer a free Consultation and design service, which is without obligation.

Just some of our projects

A Pool House

The client was looking to replace an ageing summerhouse that had been used as a pool house. The building had to act as a changing room and seating area as well as covering the all important pool equipment. Additionally he wanted space for storing garden chairs and play equipment seperatley from the main changing area.

The building was set on a steep slope and incorporated an asphalt shingle roof and lighting beneath the projecting canopy roof.

The lady that commisioned this gazebo / spa pool cover relied heavily on the therapeutic benefits of the spa pool for a back condition. She was looking to extend the use of the spa pool all year round and also to make a feature of the cover.

We build an atrium style roof, that is to say that the top section is glazed so that at night you can look up at the stars. We also incorporated decking all around the spa pool to replace the uncormfortable shingle surface.

A little piece of history returned.

The client of this gazebo had purchased a property that had some very carefully laid out gardens very much in the Hidcote style. acroos the main axis of the garden where originally two gazebo's one for summer at the southern end and the other a more substantial design was at the northern end. Sadly in the 'Great Storm' the northern gazebo was lost and all that remained apart from some iron in th eground was a postcard image. From this we were able to recreate this beautiful arts and crafts imspired gazebo. All the trellis is hand cut and jointed, the carved wooden sections are made from larch and the roof is coated in a faux lead product.

With pine trees all around the client was loking for a very sturdy but low cost cover to protect his prized Bentley car which he used daily. This simple double carport included laying a shingle parking area using a eco-grid system to hold the shingle in place.

at 6.0M x 5.5M the rainwater is collected at the rear and brought down to ground level by downpipes hidden behing the posts


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