The Evergreen Workshop Builders and Restorers of Timber Garden Buildings Specialists in Greenhouse Repair / Restoration.
The Evergreen Workshop    Builders and Restorers of Timber Garden Buildings Specialists in Greenhouse Repair / Restoration.

The making and restoration of timber garden buildings is our passion and we can make or restore all kinds of timber greenhouses, summer houses, sheds, workshops, vineries and other garden structures. 


WIth over 30 years experience, The Evergreen Workshop aims to deliver practical, stylish and pleasing solutions to home makers looking for an affordable hand crafted building for the garden, or maybe a repair or restoration to existing items or buildings.

We want to create buildings that really work for the homeowner, they need to be practical and stylish yet low maintenance and affordable. We believe that they should look pleasing, blend with their surroundings and give years of trouble free life.

For some the garden shed is a little brown building at the bottom of the garden. For us it is the anticipation of wonderful things to come.

A custom workshop that provides the perfect environment for working on your project, extensive facilities including timber milling and benchcraft, sheet metal and light engineering. Plus many other disciplines including mechanical abrasion, powder coating and paint spraying.

The Evergreen Workshop is not a mass production facility that churns out cheap poorly concieved builidngs. It is dedicated to providing cost effective practical solutions for the homeowners garden. We are constantly investing in new machines new processes and new ideas, to deliver the best possible solutions. 

We not only create new buildings but also repairs and restore existing buildings from magnificent greenhouses to more humble structures

We repair timber greenhouses such as the Alton Greenhouse range or those made by C. H. Whitehouse Garden Buildings. We can replace old roofing material and repair rotten or damaged structures. We remove old structures back to our workshop and fully restore them for a fraction of the cost of a modern replacement.  Buildings thought to be beyond repair have been fully restored

Garden builings are expensive, the Evergreen Workshop provide a one stop solution to protecting that investments.



Our Commitments.

  • We pride ouselves in the work we do. For us it is a passion and meeting and working with clients looking to create or restore buildings in the garden is a real pleasure.
  • We commit to being open and transparent in all aspects of the project. Everything is in writing and clearly explained.
  • We do not believe in vague estimates and always provide a detailed quotation and unless the client specifically alters the work or adds to the project then we have NEVER asked for extra money. In fact we often go over the specifcation agreed and honour the original budget.
  • We stand by our workmanship and if what we have done should go wrong we will always come back and fix it.
  • Everything you see in this website is work we have undertaken, We DO NOT use 'Stock Images' of 'before and after work taken from the internet' unless making a comparison with something specifically. We hope that by showing the developement of the projects we reinforce this point. The reason we can show so many images of the work is we document its progress to keep the client informed. 
  • We do not make vague and misleading statements. There are no sales tricks, or hard sell. We don't like it and we don't use it on our clients. If we feel you are better served taking a different course then we always say so.



Just completed this restoration of a very rare 'Vinery' in a London Suburb. It was just a wonderful chance to see what can be achieved in a limited space. The original desert grape vine is still growing now nearly 100 years old.

We were very excited to see that our 'Gothic greenhouse' was featured in the glossy lifestyle magazine 'PUREWOW' in a section in March 2017 entitled 'Potting rooms are so in this spring' 


The caption attached to the image read    

                'They can be a jewel box of an outbuilding tucked into a flower bed'

our thanks to Grace Beauley Hunt the writer, to 'Foundandfavour' on instagram who took the photo and to '' for publishing it. You can regularly see this buildings as part of the Petworth Open Garden Scheme.


A little about us....

Our passion for garden structures was instilled in us from an early age by our grandparents and parents. The garden was a sanctuary where we could play and explore. within the building, whether that be a shed, greenhouse or summerhouse were places where things happened, items were made and repaired, seeds sown and wonderful fruits ripened. It can be a place for hobbies such ad model engineering and woodwork, or a place to paint or read. We have built sowing rooms and craft studios. Garden buildings have always been a place to develop, explore create and reflect.

Whatever the use we celebrate the garden building and believe that it doesn't need to be a boring brown shed  that needs to be screened and hidden. We want the structure to enhance the space it occupies and be a worthy addition to the garden. 


With all the work we undertake we offer a 'one stop shop' experience. With the exception of electrical work and some glazing work we undertake all the work ourselves and rarely use contractors. It is a complete ground up process including foundations through to finish painting. 

We hope that our website highlights the passion we have for what we do. Look through  the pages to see scores of buildings that we have created or restored, they are a small selection but hopefully show the wide diversity of the work undertaken.


We are always happy to discuss a project and can go on to offer a design and quotation after consultation without any obligation on your part. If you decide to try elsewhere we are happy to 'bow out gracefully and respect your wishes.' We never chase up customers, pester with phone calls or emails. We don't like it and so we don't do it to others.

Standard Terms and Conditions
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