Custom made garden buildings
Custom made garden buildings
The Evergreen Workshop Passionate about garden buildings
The Evergreen Workshop            Passionate about garden buildings

As well as new buildings we also repair and restore older Buildings. Repairs to sheds and summerhouses are common but we can also do Timber Greenhouses.

With our experience in working with timber buildings. We are also happy to undertake repairs or full restoration of existing buildings. Including sheds, summerhouses and palyhouses. For most this is repairing rot and damage to sheds and summerhouses. We also re-roof and treat buildings.


We also off full restoration and repair for timber greenhouses such as the  Alton Cedar Greenhouse or C H Whitehouse buildings common in many gardens. Cedar Greenhouses can be cost effectively repaired and restored, these buildings for most are far more pleasing than aluminium types but do deteriorate with time. Cedar will inevitably start to loose it ability to resist the elements in time and algae, mould and insect damge is possible as the building ages and looses this natural resilience.

We have restored and repaired many of these with a unique process whereby we dismantle the building and then restore it back in the workshop. Buildings that many have thought too far gone have been saved and put back to work.



Of course we wouldn't leave you without a greenhouse for those tender plants. As part of the service we will erect a temporary greenhouse in place of the greenhouse being taken down.

Restoration normally takes about 5 to 10 days depending on the size of the building but once complete the greenhouse will look almost like new.


We also offer advice on what can be done to maintain you buildings, Sometimes this is simple additions of guttering and quality timber treatments. Through to simple modifications on buildings to channel water away from vulnerable areas such as installing aluminium or rubber overlays at the most susceptible places. What you finish up with is a building that is often better than when it was first installed.


By carefully dismantling the building and taking back to our workshop, we can thoroughly inspect every element of the structure. We dry the timber out, remove all the damage and replace with new wood. The whole frame is cleaned back to new wood and then treated with two coats of a deep penetrating timber treatment. Old metalwork is also restored, painted and where required is replaced. Once repaired and the treatment has fully soaked in, the building is returned the foundation is re-levelled and the building re-erected. 

The result is a beautiful timber greenhouse once again ready to give many more years use at afraction of the cost of new. 

See for yourself.

All rot and damage is removed.

Before treating with preserver and install.

The results are always dramatic...





From very large greenhouses to more common smaller builds we have not turned one away yet and all  restored at far less than the cost of a new building.


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