Custom made garden buildings
Custom made garden buildings
The Evergreen Workshop Passionate about garden buildings
The Evergreen Workshop            Passionate about garden buildings

A brief word about cost.

In truth we have never made two buildings the same, each one has had individual elements, designs and features that has altered the cost but we have attempted to put together a rough guide.

There are quite literally hundreds of garden buildings available on the market today. some as low as a few hundred pounds and some many thousands of pounds. We like to consider ourselves somewhere in the middle. We are not the cheapest but with careful cost management we can produce superior quality buildings at realistic prices.

The truth is that larger mass producer / suppliers will produce buildings that use materials that we wouldn't consider. A good example is OSB or particle board or cheap roofing felt. It has its uses but not on a good quality garden building. Equally they will produce buildings that make too many compromises on design or quality. Such as low head room or poor use of space. For us the building absolutely must work both ergonomically and practically, otherwise it has failed.


Typically our buildings range from £1000 to £2500 all inclusive of design, build and installation. We have made larger summerhouse style buildings fully lined and insulated with seperate tool stores that have cost over £4000. We have also made bin stores and log stores for a lot less than this. We regularily compare ourselves with our competitors and we are always able to come in lower than them. 

Even against some retailed mass produced buildings when the complete package is viewed such as site preparation and supply of extras such as benches and insulation we can still come out on top.

What we don't do is price based on 'what the market will pay.' This is a retail practise of pitching an inflated price because similar items are generally sold at this rate. All our prices are worked out on an individual basis taking into account material costs, time and labour at that time.

We also quote a final cost with a specification - all inclusive. There are no hidden extras, we do not ask for more money unless the specification is significantly altered and even then it is strictly by agreement. 

Unusually we have also on occasion recomended other suppliers buildings. This may be because you are just looking for advice or maybe the pricing point is something we siply could not match. We are suppliers but we are also consumers of we do not feel it is in our interest not to help or advise.


I was told by a very good salesman many years ago, That there is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper and people that consider on price alone are that persons lawful prey. 

At the Evergreen Workshop we ALWAYS aim to deliver the best quality product at the best price in the belief that a happy customers recommendation is the best advertising that we can have.



Greenhouse Restoration costs is based on two elements. firstly size and secondly condition.  As a general guide for the most common  'Alton Cedar Greenhouse' where typically for a full restoration of the small 'Amateur' we would charge £700 to £900 which is much less than half the cost of a like for like replacement. For the larger Amateur models (around 10- 15 ft long) costs can be from £1200 to £1500 all inclusive. Again much less than half the replacement cost. The restored greenhouse will be rot free and look like new ready to give years of service. Costs however depend on the individual buildings condition, travelling, access and assumes the glass is still intact. 



Most Importantly we are not sales people, We are passionate about what we do. We are always happy to come and discuss your project, ideas or plans and will eagerly submit designs, specifications and ideas with no commitment from yourselves. There is no hard sell and if you choose not to go ahead we accept this, there will be no pestering or unwelcome follow up.

We always aim for 100% satisfaction nothing less will do.


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