Custom made garden buildings
Custom made garden buildings
The Evergreen Workshop Builders and Restorers of Garden Buildings.
The Evergreen Workshop        Builders and Restorers of Garden Buildings.

We also undertake the repair and restoration of other garden structures such as sheds and summerhouses. Even modifying them to suit a particular purpose.

At the bottom of this of this page we have included images and the clients reactions to builds to show just what can be achieved. 

We do not limit ourselves to just making garden buildings. The Evergreen Workshop is happy to look to all items in the garden.  A lot of our work also comprises repair and maintenance on buildings, furniture, gates, pergolas etc. 

Whilst some projects can be undertaken on site we also can dismantle and restore items in the workshop before returning them to site.

Some garden buildings especially older ones develop issues. Normally this tends to be rot sepecially where a building is located in a mature garden. Obvioulsy sheaper garden structures are often cheaper to simply replace but older one and larger buildings can often be brought back into shape for a fraction of the cost of renewal.

Again we are always happy to come and have a look at offer advise. If we think the client would be better served replacing the building then we will always say.


below is a just a few of the more involved projects we have undertaken.


This very old summerhouse was listing badly as the right hand side had completely rotted away.

On inspection the buildings original timber base frame had rotted away and so carefully dismantling we constructed a new frame to build on.

The whole building was repaired, re-roofed and guttering added. 

All ready for those summer days in the garden.

Tucked away down a steep slope this large she had started to fall into disrepair.

The Building was required to store some large garden machinery in and required extensive repair and re-roofing. 

A new double door arrangement was made and a ramp to allow the equipment to access. Painted and with new gutter it was also fitted out with shelving and storage hooks.

Badgers were also an issue, so the old exposed timber support beams were enclosed in strong chicken wire buried deep into the ground.

Some perhaps will have seen these buildings. The company who produced then went into insolvenvcy leaving many clients who had paid tens of thousands of pounds for them with buildings that rotted away after 4-6 years. 

The original building was installed by the supplier on six paving slabs that rats had burrowed into. The walls were MDF and covered in mildew. The roof although lead coated was only actuall 1/8 inch plywood and condensation was rotting it.

Although a faithful copy of the original design virtually nothing of the original building exists. The MDF walls were replaced with 3/4 inch presure treated timber. New doors were produced along with matching dummy doors. A new floor was layed over a new concrete pad all protected with damp proof membranes. 

The largest element was in creating a new roof with curved joists and boarded then isulated before finishing once again in lead. The whole thing was finished with a new low voltage lighting system.


The first three images below show the incredibly thin roof substructure the whole roof was attached to the extended MDF soffit not the buildings main frame. The limescale build up can clearly be seen and this was on a building just 5 years old. 

The last four images show the completed new building including the new roof all boarded in Tongue and Groove boards. The building new was around £10000 a complete rebuild was far less than this

On some porjects we get asked to go further...


      This summerhouse and tool shed started life as a very old. leaky straightforward 15ft by 10 ft apex roof shed at the bottom of the garden. The original arrange ment was a shed with the remnants of an aluminum greenhouse in front on a vegetable patch.

       The client wanted it remodelled as a summerhouse with a seperate integrated tool store. Also to include decking and a wildlife pond.  It included removing the old greenhouse and levelling the vegetable patch ready for a lawn to be seeded.

        We were happy to oblige and undertook ALL the work ourselves. including creating the pond with solar pump operating a waterfall. The pond overflows to the right to feed a bog garden. The buildings facade was remodelled and the old shed repaired. 

A seperate shed with its own acces door and ramp was integrated within the original footprint of the building. The summer house was fully lined in tongue and groove boards and the roof shingled in modern '3T' shingles. A total of 7 tonnes of various sized rock was imported and layed around and into the pool, A small reserve filter tank fed via a solar powered pump through to a simple waterfall to prevent stagnation until the plants created an eco-system.


                The client simply had to add plants and let nature take over 


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