The Evergreen Workshop Builders and Restorers of Timber Garden Buildings Specialists in Greenhouse Repair and restoration.
The Evergreen Workshop    Builders and Restorers of Timber Garden Buildings Specialists in Greenhouse Repair and restoration.

A Purpose built shed / workshop

For many the home workshop or shed is sanctuary. It is a place to go and create, repair and be inspired. It is sanctuary and has a whole plethora of uses. 



  • Mechanic workshop for motorbikes or cars
  • A model engineers workshop.



  • A woodworkers paradise
  • or base for the keen DIYer.


  • Perhaps it's an art or pottery studiio
  • or a place to indulge a hobby as in this case with dolls houses.
  • Or a model Railway hobby room.

For many the buildings are a compromise, perhaps a converted potting shed or a repuprosed garage.

Some however look for the definitive space to work in. 

A building that is

  • Big enough....
  • Warm in winter
  • Easy to maintain
  • Keeps the moisture out and prevents tools and equipment rusting
  • Light and airy.

All Features of a workshop that can be built to create the perfect environment.


We have designed and built many custom Workshops for clients.

In all cases we always start with a visit to site. This gives us a chance to get to know the client and understand what is required.

Many client have buildings that simply don't wok and afre looking for a purpose made design. 

The consultation and design is free and with no obligation. We are always happy to discuss projects and help create a 'perfect building.'


Creating the prefect building involves drawings and we try to render them as much as possible so that it clear what we are proposing. We like to show some options based on what you have asked for and are happy to modify the design to get it just right.

All the images above have been made into workshops and sheds for clients.

Again this is free and without obligation.


Once a design is settled on and the work agreed we can start the build. We are capable of all elements of the work with the exception of electrical connection which must be done by a qualified electrician.

Some projects are so large they are undertaken on site. Most however are smaller and can be built in the workshop and brought to site in sections.

A unique aspect is a temporary workshop...

We are unique in that we can offer a temporary building while the build is undertaken.


We realise that for many there is a need to empty the existing space and so we have a Clark Portable garage that we can loan free of charge whilst the work is undertaken. It is free standing and comes with a wooden floor that keeps the precious items off the ground.

Pricing and cost.

Costs obviously vary depending on the requirements. We have built sheds with decks and ponds. Buildings from very small to very large buildings. 

Costs have varied from £1400 all inclusive to over £18000 for the very biggest. We quote and stick to our price and can complete all aspects of the work ourselves (with the exception of electrical connection)

Here we created a pond and waterfall leading down to a decked area all as part of a new building project.


If you have an idea for a building then why not let us have a look.

After all it is without obligation, we do not chase customers,

if you decide not to use us we always 'bow out gracefully.'

Here are a few of the buildings we have created.

Many clients ask us not to show there prized buildings for fear of theft or being broken into, They often can hold very valuable content and we obviously honour this.

For a guide to pricing, more information is available on our Other repairs and pricing page, click here.



Starting from something quite small.

Here we created a tool shed and storage building on the side of a garage. There had been a commercially produced building that rotted away after 4 years and the client was looking for something more permanent.

All the wood is pressure treated and the roof fitted with tear resistant felt. It has double doors for the mower and at 10 feet wide 6 feet tall and 4 1/2 feet deep can be walked in.



Getting a little larger we have what became known as the 'Litlle Blue Potting Shed.'

It was a fully lined 7 ft by 5 1/2 ft shed that featured an asphalt shingle roof that with the underlay should remain maintenance free for 20 years. It also featured a fully framed ledge and braced door (the same as is fitted to a house) with security lock.

All painted in 'Sky Reflection'coloured preserver by Cuprinol.

The water butt was being stripped and painted by the client at time of installation



Larger Buildings....   shed/workshops

When you need a workshop then the scale gets much bigger.

Here a large workshop some 18ft by 16ft was created tha stood 10ft tall at the apex. 

It was a special requirement for an enthusiastic woodworkers workshop and featured fully lined walls that were also insulated.

Double doors on the end allowed access along with a single door side entrance.

A concrete floor that was then overlaid with timber for thermal comfort mean't the space was warm in winter and cool in summer, especially with the air conditioing unit and ceiling fans. Almost twice the size of any commercially available shed it cost just under £6000 to build and even untreated with coloured preserver is virtually maintenenace free for at least 25 - 30 years.

Another very large workshop that was built to house a tractor and allow for its maintenance. The client specified that the building had to be off grid and more importantly was to have as little permanent impact on the surrounding space. 

At just over 24 ft wide and 12 ft deep the building actually sits on 40 pads set into the ground. Each carefully leveled in before a complete floor frame was made to support the structure. NOTE NO CONCRETE WAS USED. you can literally just unbolt it and take it away.

The walls were fully lined and wrapped in a vapour barrier to keep mositure out. The double doors allow access for the tractor but can only be unlocked from inside. A seperate single door again fukly framed ledged and braced is used for day to day access. All doors were lined to increase there security.

Another key feature wa sthe incorpoartion of log storage whcih was addressed by extending the roof to cover two platforms one at either end. 

Finally to complete the build a battery backup solar powered lighting system was installed that can deliver the equaivalent of 4 4ft flourescent tubes worth of light in the building for up to 6 hours when fully charged.

Possibly the biggest building to date. This workshop element was over 30 ft long and 10 feet deep. It is a lean-to design which means it uses the brick wall as part of the structure. Again it has double doors full framed, ledge and brace style. Again a seperate singkle door allows access. Built on a tricky sloping site it involved laying 6 tonnes of concrete to create a platform for the upper level and a further 3 tonnes for the lower log store section. 

Overall the building is a massive 45 feet long. 

Built as a woodwork hobby room the client also asked us to help purchase and fit a complete assembly of tools as well as lining, fitting cupboards, shelves and painting the interior. The roof is finsihed in asphaly shingles and the timber all of which is pressure treated was left to age naturally. It will easily with virtually no maintenace give over 30 years service.

The wall which was over 150 years old had multiple splits and cracks running up it all of which were repaired with a specalist stainless steel rod and resin system before being painted.


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